Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Func KB-460-5 The Func KB-460 is a Cherry MX Red mechanical switches gaming keyboard from Func and retails for $99 (org $119).  From deign to functionality the Func KB-460 is crafted with simplicity in mind; meaning Func wants you to get in and play as effectively as possible. This is where the KB-460 shines, the Cherry MX Red Mechanical switches are a dream; the keys are light to the touch and allow for quick press and maneuvering that prevents ghosting. Even when used for regular process, the KB 460 doesn’t disappoint.  The built quality of the Func KB-460 is solid a material selection, with  a matte finish which looks and feels awesome. You also have two USB 2.0 ports on the keyboard that can be used for charging and the KB-460 only uses up a singular USB port on your computer.

There is also software support for the Func KB-460, that gives users the ability to set macros and customize button as well as create game profile. Overall, the truth about the Func KB-460 is that it is simplistic, effective and priced well. It’s a great mechanical keyboard that puts gaming first and does that well. I would like to see future models add more feature, or a high model added more features to the line. But priced at $99, a gamer can’t go wrong for pick up the Func KB-460; when looking for a stellar gaming keyboard.