Func HS-260 Gaming Headset Review

Func HS-260 -10 The Func HS-260 is a gaming headset that just works. Func has coming into the gaming space with simplicity and clarity in what the want to achieve in terms of use for the gamer. The Func HS-260, which is available now, retails for $79.99 and is a well built headset; that comes with a pair of replaceable earcups, for the gamer who wants either velour or leather cushions. As well as a very lengthy detachable braided cord with separate connectors for the headphone and mic.  Besides its low pricing, Func has really added a lot to this headset in terms of performance.

The 50mm drivers have been carefully tuned to deliver a well balanced sound image. This give you the experience of  distinguishing speech as well as a full audio experience during gaming sessions. The speakers have been synced to work at the same performance level which will help you to pinpoint the exact position of an enemy in-game.  I can safely say in the sound department the Func HS-260 is a home run ,with a well tuned mic for clear in game chat– listen to a sound sample of the mic in the video below. Overall the func HS-260 has its faults that can be easily over look for a crafting of a well priced balanced sounding gaming headset. So if  you are looking to pick one up, you can headover to Newegg to grab yourself a pair


Key Points

  • Plug & Play feature ( No setup needed)
  • Great mic quality
  • Easily replaceable earcups
  • Comfortable for long gaming hours
  • switchable mic position
  • Great pricing ($79.99)