Forta FT-750 Tripod Review

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Forta FT-750 61″ Inch Professional Tripod is definitely a hidden gem in the market today. On initial un-packaging , you’re presented with a shoulder carrying case, along with the tough plastic/aluminium build Forta FT-750 Tripod. It astounds me that a lot of¬†professional tripod’s don’t come with a carrying case and the ability to fit into most standard sized ones, but the FT-750 doesn’t have this issue. Taking the device out of its case, you’re presented with a very sleek and compact tripod. Having the ability to expand to 61-inches, it took me no time to learn how to use the simplistic design of the device.

The greatest aspect about the FT-750 lies in its dual ability to take still photos, as well as smooth video panning. To some this may be a standard feature for professional tripods, but the implementation of it on the FT-750 is truly something to be marveled. Due to the combination of plastic and light weight aluminium materials, the weight distribution throughout the panning compartment stays balanced no matter the surface. Adjusting the assortments of compartments can be done swiftly and accurately due to this attention to detail. I have handled much more expensive tripod’s and not even they can make this claim. Forta as done everything to match the montra of “Forta”, which is being strong and tough, without compromising usability.

The Forta FT-750 is a fairly new device, but demand for it has been extremely high. Due to the demand, Forta is offering a discount price off of the initial launch. Originally being $99.99 (still a bargain for this device), you can now purchase it for $69.99 on Amazon. These things are truly flying off the shelves, and for good reason. Forta has made an amazing product for the average consumer.