Ford EVOS Concept Car @ CES 2012


[ad#ad-1]Seamless connectivity between the vehicle and the driver’s “personal cloud‟ of information, from home to office to car.That information includes the driver’s work schedule, local traffic or weather conditions and other pertinent information to a trip. The car can therefore detect and “know” the driver and automatically adapt handling, steering, suspension and powertrain systems to the person’s habits or to the immediate road ahead.It can monitor the physical state and workload of the driver and adjust the driving experience accordingly.

It can automatically play the same music or news program that was just streaming at home.
It can heat or cool the interior to an ideal temperature before the driver gets in, using a predicted departure time, rather than an explicit request.Wireless communication abilities allow the car to close the garage door and switch off the lights automatically as it pulls away.
The car’s cloud-based abilities can offer driving recommendations via social media networks and even reset your alarm clock if a morning meeting is cancelled.A heart-rate monitoring seat, allergy-free interiors, location-aware air quality sensors, filtration systems and a situationally-aware instrument panel (displays only necessary gauge information) round out the brainpower.
Underneath the hood, a lithium-ion plug-in hybrid powertrain borrowed from the Ford C-Max Energi makes it happen. (Why hybrid and not all-electric? So it can achieve a range of 500 miles.)


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