Fool me once, Shame on you….An Android user Flirting with WM7

zune hd


I love my Zune HD player. That PMP drew rave reviews for sound quality from critics throughout the industry, but MS failed to capitalize on it. I can’t remember ever seeing print or TV ads for my beloved Zune, but for the blasted iPod? They were everywhere I turned.

Needless to say, I am still a little bitter about that.

They had a chance to have a horse in the race with the iPod but unless it was Windows or an XBOX, they could care less, and now the Zune is in limbo, future uncertain.

I have a HTC EVO 4G which has served me well and am looking to upgrade. I am leaning towards a Samsung Galaxy S2 but upon watching the Mango conference the other day, it had me intrigued.

Has MS realized their mistake in not heavily promoting their non XBOX and Windows products? I don’t know – how much advertising do you see for the Windows phone outside of tech blogs?

Meanwhile, how many celebs do you see with iPhones in the paper?


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