What to expect with Xfinity & Xfinity Home

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Last week we had the pleasure of receiving a tour of XFINITY home automation in action. Picture the booming and ever-growing Seaport District of Boston, with stunning new buildings and restaurants popping up left and right. What better place to showcase Xfinity Smart Home but in a luxurious Watermark Apartments. First on the agenda was rubbing elbows with the Comcast marketing team and giving feedback on our user experiences, while enjoying delectable catered food and beverages. Knowing that someone is actually listening to the feedback that we had, and will bring it to the right department was really nice to hear!
The tour brought us to a bright corner two bedroom, fully furnished Watermark apartment. Our presenter Josh did a fabulous job of giving us a comprehensive overview of current and recently upgraded features, and what it means to your lifestyle. We take for granted that we techies know all of the features, but we all learned new tricks or options. How did I NOT know that I can pick a favorite (actor, team, etc) and it will record whatever they are connected to, as well as their role in the program.
  • X1 platform at no additional cost
  • Xfinity Home Security (I need to try the motion detector)
  • Updates to the X1 guide as well as quick tips
  • Share app allows you to live stream life’s moments (to a Comcast user email or even to their phone number)
  • X1 sports app for quick access to real-time scores and stats
  • X1 DVR gives you the capability to record up to 6 shows at once, plus stream existing recordings (I really to use this to the Max!)
  • X1 voice remote, which recognizes commands and will search for you “Who won the Red Sox game last night?”
  • KidsZone on X1 gives you the option of setting a passcode that the kiddies cannot get out of, yet they have access to thousands of programs.
  • Xfinity My Account app allows you to request a call by appointment by a Comcast rep.
This was a great experience and perfect setting for such a presentation. Each attendee had a different experience level or specialty, so it was a pleasure hearing who is already using features, and the shared feedback. Each could attest to a different personal experience using what is already available. We also got a heads up on future upgrades. What was interesting was the reading up on the additional statistics of their studies, as far as the interest in Smart Home adoption and what triggers a consumers’ interest. Get ready for the Future of Awesome!!!