ECO Sound Engineering V268 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review


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When first presented with the opportunity to review a Bluetooth headset, at first I wasn’t sure how to approach it as – to be honest – I’m not a big fan. I tend to feel like there is a spotlight on me when using one as if to say, “Hey, look at Mr. Bigshot with the Bluetooth headset.” I basically feel very conspicuous.

Well – that is DEFINITELY not the case with this little number from ECO Sound Engineering. It is extremely lightweight – only 6.4g in weight and diminutive in size. It came with an earpiece, but because it was so small, I had no problem just placing it in my ear without having any fear of it falling out. It felt very secure and comfortable.

This model – the ECO V268, is very spartan – with only a multi-function button allowing you to:

  • Call and Answer
  • Reject
  • Hang Up
  • Redial last number called

… as well as 2 subtle rocker buttons allowing you to adjust the volume on the headset. There is one input for the AC charger as well.
The people that I had called, while able to tell I was on a headset, were able to understand me no problem, and so long as I didn’t roam too far away from my phone (which is understandable) – call quality was more than adequate.  I was able to hear no problem as well.

Now you may be wondering as to the price? Here’s the kicker – this little number, complete with ear piece,  AC adapter, users manual will run you approximately $9.95. and you can purchase directly here
I kid you not. You cannot go wrong with this model headset. So I would suggest,  pick up a couple of these as gifts – you don’t need to let anyone know how much they cost. Heck – pick one up for yourself. You’ll be amazed.  This little gadget changed my attitude about Bluetooth headsets.



• Bluetooth v2.0
• Range: Up to 10 Meters
• Charging Time: About 2 hours
• Talk Time: Up to 4.5 hours
• Standby Time: Up to 100 hours
• Dimensions (mm): L 33 x W 16 x H 9.5
• Lightweight only 6.4g
• 3.7v Li-polymer Battery


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