EarBombz: H-Bombz & EB-Pro Series Headphone Review

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES EarBombz is a relatively unknown brand in the musical space, but they’re quickly making waves for their price conscious and high quality headphones. We got our hands on two of their models, the H-Bombz which is their mid-range line, and their premium-line of headphones, the EB-Pro Series. Before you take the headphones out of the box, you’re greeted with a lifetime warranty. They guarantee their products hold up to the best of them, so it’s good to see that philosophy shine through all the way down to the consumer.


Inside the box, both models are greeted with the headphones front and center, as well as a carrying case branded with the EarBombz logo. For the H-Bombz & EB-Pro Series line, they chose an in-ear design that are angled. I prefer angled in-ear headphones because they fit me better, but in my use, they were more than comfortable. They also provide you with 2 extra pairs of ear grips ranging from small to large. Both headsets include in-line mic’ for phone calls which is surprising for the price range. EarBombz is providing a tremendous amount of value for their brand of headphones,


The H-Bombz are claiming quality that rivals or equals that of those priced in the $99 range of headphones, considering the headphones are priced at $39.99. Going into a review with such a claim undoubtedly leads to a high amount of skepticism. I played over 500+ songs with these headphones and I walked away extremely impressed. The glaring aspect is the amount of combined bass and sound output clarity. Songs are crystal clear and because of the comfort of the in-ear headphones, using them for extended time periods was not an issue. The only problem was the number of times I got this experience.

Depending on the output of your music file, quality is compromised. Either the sound isn’t as loud as the previous song, or the bass is non-existent. Voice calls did not suffer from this issue. However, regardless of those gripes, sound is still more than adequate for your hearing pleasures.

The EB-Pro Series are EarBombz premium line of headphones and they claim that these compare to the higher tiered competitors in the market today. In my testing, I didn’t find this to be exactly accurate, but it was pretty darn close. The sound quality closely resembles that of its sibling, the H-Bombz, but where they differ mostly is in the bass. Music sounded great with the bass kicking in at the right times. They do well in not overkilling it and again, the ear buds which aren’t angular still provide great comfort.

Overall, both lines of the EarBombz series generate value for your buck. I can definitely recommend them to someone looking to enhance their music experience, and due to the lack of knowledge, becoming a trend setter is in full grasps using the EarBombz Series headphones.