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Do you suffer from nerd rage? Take our quiz and find out!

Yes take the quiz. You know you are one


For each “yes” give yourself one point.

1. Have you ever experienced a spike in your blood pressure when overhearing other people (especially strangers) getting their facts wrong when they talk about a science fiction story, game, or software?

2. Have you ever been permanently banned from an online forum for arguing about the right way to interpret a TV series, movie, or comic book?

3. Have you ever argued for more than an hour straight over the merits of a piece of software or hardware? Give yourself two points if you were also arguing about open source vs. free software at the same time.

4. Is there only one right answer to the question, “Which Star Trek movie is the best?”

5. Do you agree that it is impossible to fully appreciate the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy without reading the books?

6. Have you ever broken something worth more than $20 after getting killed in a video game?

7. “Apple sucks.” “Apple rules.” Are those fighting words?

8. Have you ever tried to punch somebody after arguing about Batman, Superman, or any Marvel Comics character?

9. Do you own a collectible whose loss or destruction would put you in an extremely, extremely bad mood that lasts for more than one day?

10. Have you ever gotten into a friendship-ending fight with somebody over software, games, or science fiction?

11. Have you ever screamed at somebody for more than five minutes for making a really bad move in a video game or RPG?

12. Have you ever gotten so frustrated with a gadget or computer that you have thrown it across the room or out a window?

13. When somebody screws you over, do they deserve to have their email/Facebook/Twitter/blog account hacked? Not by you, of course, but by somebody who just happens to have your DNA and occupies the exact same spot as you do in space and time?

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