D-Link DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Cloud Camera Review


D-Link’s DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Cloud Camera is a simple, yet very effect remote camera system. Its a great camera for either home security or just making sure your little one is safe and sound. Its Outdoor-Ready, with IP65 weatherproof housing protects the camera from the elements as well as the occasional spill. Plus you have got recording at up to 720p; which means clear HD viewing of events around your home, with Night vision support up to 15 feet. What I really like about the DCS-23330l is the remote viewing support, with either, iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices, through stand alone mydlink apps as well as browser viewing at mydlink.com. You can record video directly to a microSD card up to 32GB (MicroSd not provided). The mydlink app allows for easy setup of your cloud camera or several cameras, with easy access for remote viewing and other camera settings.  Overall this is a very solid could camera, you can integrated it easily into a smart home hub, as remote recording capabilities and is well priced at $149. See more from the camera below in our full video review.