Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 Review

powerdvd 12

[ad#ad-1]CyberLink at CES 2012 introduced the latest version of their pouplar media player PowerDVD 12. We got a first time look at the software and we can tell you Cyberlink has gone into tremendous lengthens in making  this a worth while purchase. Some of the cool and new features you will see in our video walkthrough is the very impressive DLNA feature set, that allows you to not only share content from PC to tablet or phone with the Power DVD app. But all the ability to share content from all you device be it Android, iPhone, iPad and more via the app as well as PC. So you can load content from you iPad and Play on a Xoom tablet or PC and vice versa.

Also the up scale feature from 2D to 3D is solid and gives you full control to maximize the degree and depth of 3D content. This applies to Blu-ray movies as well as, photos and content recorded on your own camera. Also a good amount of social integration that allows you to easily download photos from Facebook in batch format and access YouTube content directly from the play.
CyberLink has successfully added a host of features that makes PowerDVD 12 look like a very inviting offering. Till we get time to fully review it  in the coming weeks. Please enjoy our walkthrough video.



Cyberlink has done an incredible job in offering up a media player that does more than just play movies, & music. Granted there are 101 different media players out there, Cyberlink  has packed a lot of features into the PowerDVD 12 that make it a worth purchase. One that stands out the most is DLNA capability and transcoding on mobile platform.  With a free bundle PowerDVD app on iOS and Android, you can now stream content from any device  with a push of a button. A.KA watch videos from your iPhone to Galaxy Tab or computer to iPad, t is that seamless. Also using PowerDVD 12 you can easily transfer video content from your computer to any device without worry about codecs, because PowerDVD 12 does it for you. Also  the on lie component with Facebook and You tube, though small adds a large amount of benefits, with the ability connect and browser content on YouTube from your personal video’s to anything on YT. Plus Facebook image catalog retrieval is also a nice addition, with the ability to batch download any photo from your Facebook or friends albums. PowerDVD 12 is leaps an bounds above its predecessor and gives a justifiable reason for why you should purchase it


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