Crystal Piston In-Ear and MK801 – Quality Audio Great Price from 1More


Every time that I come across a friend with junk but popular headphones, I usually have to tell them, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid folks. It’s time to try something new.”. Introducing two more in the lineup of 1More Audio products; the Crystal Piston In Ear and MK801 on ear headphones. As with the previously reviewed Triple Driver model, these two have also been tuned by Grammy winner Luca Bignardi. This means that you know there has been quality and care put into their development.

The Crystal piston come in a set of TWO pair of earbuds in black and pink. Right off the bat this is a great gift idea. They’re wonderfully presented cradled in matching carrying cases showing the Swarovski Crystal design. They are simple but glamorous. The Crystal faceted rhinestones shimmer nicely when you are rocking to your music. They’re no lightweight plastic cheapo pair. Rather they are made of brushed aluminum alloy as with their other audio products. The cable has braided nylon and enameled copper wrapped around a Kevlar core for durability. They have great sound quality for both music and calls. The dynamic driver is made of triple layers of aerospace grade metal, so the sound is crisp and clear. You also get at great bundle of accessories for each color. They often have promos and the set are currently $79.99. Better yet, you have options to accessorize with!

Swarovski Crystal faceted rhinestones
Enameled copper around a Kevlar core cable
Frequency 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance 32
Sensitivity up to 97 db
2 armatures
Dynamic driver – aerospace grade metal
4 set of silicone ear gels
Clasping travel case
Rubber puck storage case

The MK802 On-Ear headphones are a great change from the “norm” with regard to stylish headphones. I used these daily on the commute to work and they never failed me. They’re nice and lightweight, and the red brushed-metal look did justice to my outfits. Comfort wise, the rotating ear-cups were quite comfortable for everyday use. The ear cups and headband are also sweat resistant. The diaphragms use PEEK, a highly flexible polymer, for enriched bass. The volume was on the lower end, which makes sense from the protection stand-point. However, those who want the eardrum blasting volume, these are not for you.

Peek high tenacity polymer and diaphragm
TR-90 titanium steel housing
Sensitivity 104db

Red or Black
Impedance 32
Frequency 20-20,000 Hz
Rotating ear cup

Detachable cable

Soft carrying case

These are both great buys with which you can’t go wrong. Pricing usually ranges between  $49.99- $79.99 depending on the promotion. I look forward to their Bluetooth models! Check them out at