Cree LED Connected Bulbs – “Wink on – Wink off”


It was about time that I delved into the world of IoT (Internet of Things), and I had the pleasure of receiving a Cree LED Lighting package, which including two Cree LED bulbs and a Wink Hub. What are they do you ask? They are energy efficient light bulbs that you can control from anywhere. Your Hub is what controls the bulbs as well as other “Connected” devices. Unless you’ve been living in on another plane, you know that the need for energy conservation is crucial, not to mention pretty much everyone is in need of conserving cost. Cree LED bulbs are simply a smart product for you to have and easy to use. They are 85% more energy efficient than incandescent lightbulb and can last up to 22 years.
In this case, your very straightforward setup begins with the Wink Hub and app. Simply download the Wink app and complete the Hub setup. As with other connected products, be sure to check your wifi connection. Then from your Wink app, you sync your bulb to then be connected onto the same wifi network within a few clicks on the app. Ta-Da!!! Your Cree bulb is now connected. From the Wink Hub app, you can turn the light on or off, use the dimmer, or set your lighting schedule. “Robots” are your scheduling tools depending on what you need to use on a timer. The bulb and hub are synced and linked to your wifi, so as long as are online, will respond to the app directions from where ever you are. If you ever unplug the Cree bulb or Hub, you will have to walk through the setup again. I hate reading directions, so I thought there was then something wrong with the bulb! Not to worry, there is an easy reset on the bulb itself.
Video Review
Wifi connected
3 Year warranty
60 Watt Eqiuvalent Soft White (2500k)
815 Lumens
Mercury free
Dimmable in app
The bulbs are very reasonable at $14.97, and the Wink Hub included in this demo costs $69.97, and can both be purchased at Home Depot. For other systems, the Cree are also compatible with ZigBee, WeMo, and SmartThings. Cree has many bulbs to choose from and this Standard bulb size is the first of their Connected line, so I look forward to more bulb choices to come.