Cox Wireless Launch 4G Network? Rumor


The 3rd Largest cable company in the US, is planning to launch its own wireless carrier. Cox Wireless. You Said what!!. I know. But seriously this is good news( More competition, better for all of us)

The nation’s third largest cable company is testing an Android phone from Kyocera for its upcoming LTE wireless network. The company currently piggybacks their wireless service on Sprint’s 3G CDMA/EVDO network, but they previously purchased half a billion worth of AWS spectrum for LTE. In fact, Cox just completed LTE trials in Phoenix and San Diego where they reached peak speeds in the 25 Mbps range.

“Worked on a quick short-term sub-sub-sub contract where I wrote an app for Android, to be run at a trade show. The hardware I installed on was a Kyocera, but even more interesting was the Cox logo on it. The logos were taped over but quite legible from the bumps nonetheless. There were also some Cox apps included; I think one was either for watching TV or controlling DVR? Not entirely sure. The screen was WVGA800, very nice and sharp, though the hardware wasn’t the fastest. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to photograph or examine it too closely since I only had about an hour to load and debug.”

Via AndroidandMe