Corning Fiber Optic USB 3.0 & ThunderBolt Cables

Conring The cables are compatible with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, the two fastest computer and peripheral connectivity protocols.With copper connectivity at its length limits and new applications driving increased bandwidth usage, users are demanding longer cables with innovative footprints. USB 3.Optical™ and Thunderbolt Optical Cables by Corning significantly extend the data transmission range past the length limits of copper-based cables. Optical Cables by Corning are significantly longer, 50 percent smaller, 80 percent lighter, and still stronger than comparable copper cables.

USB 3.Optical Cables by Corning can reach lengths of up to 30 meters, and Thunderbolt Optical Cables by Corning can reach lengths up to 100 meters, longer than the length of a football field. The light weight and flexibility of the cables also make them easy to route in the work space and convenient to pack and transport. A unique cable design and Corning ClearCurve VSDN optical fiber allow the glass-based Optical Cables by Corning to be as durable as comparable copper cables.

The Optical Thunderbolt Cables provide a dual channel, bi-directional 10 Gb/s data rate with data and video on a single cable, allowing the transfer of a full HD movie in fewer than 30 seconds. The ultra-slim “zero-bend” radius cable has an electrically isolated noise-reducing design, can “daisy-chain” up to six Thunderbolt devices at the same time, and is “hot swappable,” meaning it can be attached and removed without interruption to the system.

The USB 3.Optical Cables provide a 5 Gb/s data transfer rate and are compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices* allowing the extension of USB device reach without additional power supply. The ultra-slim, “zero-bend” radius cable has built-in overcurrent protection and is also hot swappable.