Comcast Xfinity X1 Box is ready for Football season with new Features


Earlier this summer, we launched Baseball Extras for the X1 Sports app which helped baseball MLB fans get closer to the game with stats and insights into their favorite teams and players – directly on the TV, side-by-side with the action on the big screen.

For the NFL and NCAA football season, we’re making the X1 Sports app the ultimate football companion. We are dramatically enhancing the experience for football fans, providing more data, real-time stats and visualizations, than ever before: pre-game player and team comparisons, injury reports, fantasy stats and leaders, win/loss probabilities to full post-game analysis including drive chart summary.

Patriots Hall of  Famer Troy Brown  X1 Sport apps  Quotes:

“X1 sports app is great for me – especially as I’m going into the season as an analyst and getting ready to learn more about the teams around the league.  No need to dig around the device.  I can look right at the screen.  It’s easy and convenient.”

On Deflategate:

“Don’t be surprised by any outcome.  We’re all hoping for the best that he’ll be playing for next week.  That’s really what should happen based on the case.”

On Patriots season ahead:

“May be a little rough in the beginning as they  figure things out and evaluate the talent, but I suspect it will be much like last year and they’ll turn on it on strong after a couple games.  I believe they’ll go 11-5.” The Xfinity Sports App on X1 has always been a helpful companion to watching live sports, but just in time for MLB Playoffs and the kick-off of the NFL Season, Comcast has dramatically improved the experience for baseball and football lovers by re-engineering the app to give fans more data and statistics – typically only available online – directly on the TV via the X1 platform.  With Baseball Extras, the new X1 Sports app will be one of the most in-depth, TV sports tools in the country, providing pre-game matchups, live batter-by-batter stats, fantasy stats, and full post-game analysis – all on the same screen as the game itself, for no extra charge. Football Extras on the new X1 Sports app will be a NFL and Fantasy Football fan’s very best friend.  Complete with pre-game player / team comparisons, injury reports, in-game drive stats, fantasy stats and leaders, win/loss probabilities and full post-game analysis, Football Extras on the X1 Sports App will take the TV experience to the next level.

The sports app is available at no additional cost and it’s easy to activate (or hide) by simply pressing the “C” button on the X1 remote.

The best part is you don’t have to distractedly fumble with multiple screens to check your fantasy stats, player match-ups or the out of town scoreboard. Everything you want and need is on the right side of your TV screen all updating in real-time with every down.


And if you’re in a household where not everyone wants to watch hours of football each week – you can keep the X1 Sports app up on the screen regardless of what’s on to stay connected to your favorite team.

This is just the latest of several sports enhancements we’ve made to X1 recently, including an option that automatically extends live sporting event recordings by 30 minute increments if we detect the game is running over the scheduled time. We’re also testing in Comcast Labs a feature called DVR In-Game Highlights which allows you to jump to key plays within recorded football and soccer games.

Whether you’re a fantasy football player, a die-hard alumnus, or just live with one of them – the entire X1 Sports experience will be your best teammate all season long