COl. Ogukwu Supports Charlie Sheen|

[ad#ad-1]The Col is outraged at all the negativity aimed at his good friend Charlie Sheen. So the great Col Ogukwu of Singala has put of a video in Support of his Tiger Blood Brother Charlie Sheen



2 responses to “COl. Ogukwu Supports Charlie Sheen|”

  1. Paysan! Avatar

    “Dying is for loosers…I said it before when I killed those rebels!”” LMAO..keep it up paysan!!! i was rolling

  2. ogbonna007 Avatar

    Like I’ve said in the past, Colonel Ogukwu can be the most deleterious, useless tyrant I have ever heard of. His fastidious behaviour and ridiculous antics sometimes make me wonder how such human beings exist. A no-nonsense fascist, this colonel is only headed for an implosion without any recovery. Now despite all his out-of-context rants he finally brings up a point i actuall concur with. Charlie Sheen knows how to party for sure and let’s face it, which guy doesn’t like that? Regardless I think america gets a little too sensitive these days for things so minute it’s unbelieveable. He’s considered crazy because of his outburst. Just a bunch of BS!!!
    Anyway Colonel, you finally said something that makes some sense. Hoorah…………….

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