CES 2010 Powermat booth tour

Battery technology really hasn’t evolved to meet our growing energy demands. Today we had a chance to go through the powermat booth, to take a look at the different power charging options the company offers. This year powermat has really stepped up in their game in the wireless charging arena, no longer do you have to place the powermat attachment on your phone or electronic device. powermat has been working with hardware manufactures to add their technology into the batteries themselves. For example you are like me and you have a G1 that dies all the time because of the terrible battery solution. Now you can buy the powermat G1 battery solution, replace your old battery with it and now. When ever you want to charge you device all you have to do it place you battery on the powermat without the need for an adapter and you are good to go. The also have different powermat smaller versions portable version that have rechargeable batteries that can charge your devices for up to 4x the charge of you devices. that is almost 4 days of charging. The will be more once I have the video of the booth tour up loaded.

SDC10430 SDC10422 SDC10420


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