Central Intelligence Blu-Ray Review

Central Intelligence is an action comedy movie with a splash of slapstick. Kevin Hart plays Calvin Joyner, a worrier who was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in high school. He has a good job, a beautiful and charming wife, but he feels like a failure. Dwayne Johnson plays his old high school classmate, Robert Weirdicht, a.k.a. Bob Stone, a bullied fat kid who grew up to become a muscular C.I.A. agent. Bob contacts Calvin via Facebook and says he just wants to hang out with the only guy in high school who was ever nice to him, on the eve of their 20th high school reunion. However, he’s secretly a renegade C.I.A. agent accused of killing his partner, committing treason, and he needs Calvin’s accounting expertise to thwart a terrorist plot and clear his name. Thus, he tells Calvin he needs his help, and asks if he’s in or out. Calvin says he’s not in. Bob says he’s in and that he was always in. Calvin wants to know why Bob asked him if he was in or out if he was always in regardless. This is their relationship. The best thing about this movie is that you believe in the relationship.

Hart and Johnson are a classic comedy duo. When the two stand side-by-side, their height difference is like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito in “Twins”. The movie also has us take them seriously as characters with dashed hopes and unrealized dreams.
Hart is playing a character that is an emotionally constipated ‘Everyman’ who sounds like he’s trying to be polite even when he’s yelling about some crazy plan that Bob has pushed him into. While Bob is lying to Calvin to manipulate him into dangerous situations; he’s also the voice of Calvin’s conscience. Bob urges Calvin to act like the brave and kind person that Bob always knew him to be. Each man embodies the other’s unfulfilled fantasies of “real” success; Bob is the bad-ass knight in shining armor that Calvin was told he was destined to become. Bob aspires to have a relationship as stable and nurturing as the one Calvin has with his onetime high school girlfriend-turned-wife, Maggie (Danielle Nicolet).

“Central Intelligence” is written by Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen and Rawson Marshall Thurber, and directed by Rawson Thurber. This movie may not have a complex plot, but it is a comedy classic. This is the movie that you watch on TV when you’re supposed to be doing something more important, because it’s still funny, and because you believe in the big man and the small man that he looks up to. So for me this is worth picking up on Blu-ray or digital download.