CCB Network Interview with: COl. Adebola Ibrahim Ogukwu of Singala


COl. Adebola Ibrahim Ogukwu Of Singala

Caleb Mcgreger of CCB had an opportunity this past weekend to sit down with the Military ruler of Singala, Col. Adebola Ibrahim Ogukwu otherwise known by his opponents as Col “Thief”.   Who rose to power at the young age of 31 to take rule of the country. Even though he has received though opposition with the national slogan NONO, the Col. has taken thing with stride in such a manner that some in the country have dubbed him the “Professor”, for his very calculated and often cruel tactics.

Though a short interview, many questions were fielded to the nature of the Col’s. rule of Singala, on how he has dealt with the opposition and many more. So sit back relax and enjoy the special one-on-one interview with the Col by Celeb Mcgreger.SDC10824

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**** Col Adebola Ibrahim Ogukwu, Caleb Mcgreger & CCB Network are fictional characters and entities created for entertainment purposes. All statements made by the character are not real and do not apply to any real world events. Thank you****