Case-mate Leafy & Barely there iPhone 5 Case Review

Case-mate is well-known for their protective line case for smartphones, with the launch of the iPhone 5  we take a look at some of their cases for Apple’s latest smartphone. The barely there cases and the fun line leafy case( or as I like to call it the, Giraffe case).

The Barely Their iPhone 5 case forms a classic and protective design that shows off the timeless look of your device. The impact resistant hard shell covers the back and sides, while the lay-flat feature protects the front of your iPhone by extending the bezel above the screen. A silicone interior liner provides impact cushioning and an impressive detailed pattern.

The leafy iPhone 5 case is a flexible, all silicone design. Textured and raised pieces create a tactile design that’s fun to hold. The lay-flat design adds extra screen protection with its raised bezel. with an accompanying leaf charm. Both cases are well designed and feature the standard of quality to expect from cases-mate. priced at $3, that come in at an affordable price that ensure your iPhone 5 stays safe and protected in style. You can order you Case-mate Leafy & Barely There Cases directly from case-mate