Camera Battle Vid: LG G2 vs Nokia Lumia 1020

G2 vs 1020-12 Smartphone cameras have evolved tremendously over the years, with better image capture and more features. Today we compare and battle the LG G2’s 13MP camera with OIS against the king of the Hill the Nokia Lumia 1020. Can LG match this juggernaut or will its efforts be to little to compare. Let’s find out!!!


LG G2: The  is a flagship Android 4.2.2 device with some cool innovative changes that aren’t clear till you flip the device around to reveal the power and volume buttons right below the 13MP camera. Lets talk about specs for a bit, the  is powered by a    processor, clocked at 2.26Ghz, which makes this baby sing, along with the GDDR Ram for graphics which makes all the tradition and graphic elements of the UI flow well.  LG has updated their interface to Intuitive UX which looks a lot less cluttered then before.  The LG G2 is the first  on the market today to feature 24 bit/192kHz Hi-Fi playback that reproduces studio-like sound

Nokia Lumia 1020  The Camera on the  does a great job at picking up a lot of details. Crisp and cleaning photos, one of the great benefits of the camera is the post process zoom. You can zoom out of a photos that was taken zoomed in.You can find sample shots below, as well as a sample of the video quality of the camera recorded at 1080p 24fps. See our full camera tips & tricks for the Lumia 1020 here.