Brentwood luxury Bed-in-a Box: Crafted in the USA for your needs

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Getting a new mattress is both easy and complicated nowadays with various online mattress site that promise a solid mattress & a good night sleep. While I have to admit some are definitely good, they do generally tend to feel like cheaper versions of what you would have to pick up at the store.  Cue in Brentwood Home. A USA based mattress company that offers you the ability to sit at home or anywhere on the planet and order the right mattress for  you. What’s great about Brentwood Home, is that your mattress is built by more than 100 craftspeople in the company’s Los Angeles workshop – many of them multiple generations of the same family. Brentwood Home offers mattress in Latex, Memory Foam Spring & Classic options, as well as children & pet mattress  plus bedding.

Now selecting your mattress is pretty easy and simple as select what type of mattress you want to ;be it Latex, memory foam, spring or classic. In my case memory foam Coronado Mattress which has a medium feel. Each mattress has a clear description on the comfort feel as well as free shipping both ways with a 120 day guarantee. Now delivery of the mattress come sin a plain brown box which I wasn’t fond off, with the level of quality that goes with the Brentwood Home mattress. Package branding would help enhance the appeal ( though looking at the site, it might because my mattress was sent out as a review sample). But when it comes to the mattress itself, you can clearly see the quality of handstiching come to play.Even the company’s basic models look more tailor-made than off-the-rack, thanks to unusual touches like traditional button tufting and handstitching that also improve the durability and stability of the mattress. And that’s not all. Other special features include:

  • No chemical fire retardants, phthalates, heavy metals or other harmful toxins
  • Gel memory foam infused with cooling gel for a cooler night’s sleep
  • A New Zealand wool liner that is naturally antimicrobial for a fresher mattress and also acts as a natural fire barrier
  • A bamboo cover (not polyester like most competitors) with a 4-way stretch knit that improves comfort and longevity
  • Medium, medium-firm, firm, plush, RV and pet bed options
  • An industry-leading 120-night guarantee and 25-year warranty



So how good is it? Very Good, but the truth is the mattress is s good as advertised but only to the point of selection.  So for me i got a mattress that was comfortable, great sleeping experience. but a tad softer than I expected.  Since there is no way to tailor make you mattress, you are left with a pre-selection process that is very good but not perfect. Hopefully Brentwood Home can craft a customization process that helps perfect your selection process. Still i have to say it is worth it. Before rounding up this review, I do one to talk about Brentwood Home’s bedding, especially pillows.  As a guy buying pillows has always been a cheap and lousy affair, which actually becomes an expensive affair, so I got to try out the Maine Organic Cotton Pillow & the Helena Organic Cotton with the Coronado Mattress. Boy can we just say perfection, soft, yet firm, great neck support and yet comfortable. The pillows really added more to my sleeping experience and both are worth every penny. So if you are looking to change that old mattress to get a better nights sleep or need some new bedding or pillows, checkout Brentwood Home, excellent craftsmanship that is equally matched with quality

Brentwood Home’s mattresses sell for $600-1500 for a queen size.