Boost Mobile Warp 4G Review

Boost Mobile Warp 4G-6  Boost Mobile well know for its low cost unlimited plans, announced the Warp 4G. A solid looking mid range android device   that should provide bang for your buck. The Boost Warp 4G comes loaded with a 4.5-inch 720p HD highly-durable display and an 8-megapixel camera- which takes some decent photos and records at 1080p. The Boost Warp 4G is affordable for those consumers who want a premium LTE Android smartphone experience at a real value. With the 1.2GHz dual core processor and blazing fast 4G LTE. Priced at $199, the Warp 4G is paired with a $55 no contract unlimited monthly Plan. The Boost Wrap 4G has many things to like; great battery life, smooth operating and good amount of storage. Also the voice quality on the Wrap 4G is great, crystal clear and solid. Overall the Warp 4G is a great device that is worth picking up and a solid buy