Booredfemme’s Best Tech under $100

What is she using now? In case you were wondering what is on the current rotation, well welcome to my first installment of “BooredFemme’s Best Tech”! It may be a coincidence that most are audio products. I don’t believe most people like spending a lot, so what is reasonable these days? Here is my list of tech under $100 that is well worth the buy.

FUGOO Sport has stepped up to my favorite portable speaker. Not only is it IP67 Waterproof, mud proof, snow proof, and shock proof, but it is only $99.99. You get plenty in the packaging, including audio cable, usb cable and adapter, soft accessory pouch, and hex key. Why does this matter? You have versatility with the Fugoo speaker system. There are helpful instructions included on how to change the jacket covering the speaker. Additional options are available online ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 depending on what style you in the mood for. Performance wise, it is just fabulous with 40 hour battery life, speakers on all sides for 360 degree sound, Siri and Google compatible, and SIX proprietary acoustic drivers. Take a look at for additional accessory options and packages. I may just have to order the “Go-Float” for my next trip, but even without, the FUGOO Sport was jamming on the black sand with me.

In case you have a bit less to spend, the little speaker with attitude is the Monster Superstar Hotshot. This was just great for the beach, and even comes with a carabiner. It is light weight and compact, and has an easy grip rubber ring at the bottom to prevent it from slipping around. It is not water resistant, but was a great beach bag companion on the go. The convenient “NFC Tap 2 Pair” feature was easy, and it lasted 5.5 hours of playtime. At $39.95 Hotshot is a great portable little speaker.

My weekend jam time or subway commute can be a precious time for me to tune out to music. The new Plantronics BackBeat 500 are a great everyday, fun, versatile set of wireless headphones. The design follows along with Plantronics other BackBeat collection, with rotating cups, on-ear controls, and 18-hour batter life. The placement of the controls are easily within the reach of your thumbs. They come in a few color combinations, and are light weight for regular use.  For those looking to spend less but still have great quality sound, at $79.99 you can trust Plantronics to deliver with the BackBeat 500.

My morning audio decisions are usually determined by what is going on with my hair. On-ear headphones do get in the way of some hair-dos, or flatten them with the headband. However, some in ear are just not comfortable. I have been using the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless for months, and I have not been disappointed at all. The sound is just fabulous, and the fit is quite comfortable. The Shadow are sweat resistant, water resistant, made of a flexible biomorphic material, and 8 hour battery life. To top it off, I have the one with Rose Gold trim. The multi-device connections work wonderfully. I had two devices connected, watched a video on one, but then turned off the Bluetooth and Shadow immediately recognized the other device. I highly recommend these at only $99.99.

Now, how do you keep up with all of these wireless devices and be able to use them? I don’t leave home without a MyCharge portable battery pack. Currently on rotation is the AmpProng+. I can’t leave home without power backup, and this is so easy to use. The helpful part of this model is that you do not need to have a usb cable to charge it. Hence the name, it has the prongs to simply plug in and charge up. The combination of a compact style and 6700 mAh of batter make it a perfect everyday companion. Watch out for my Charge’s exchange programs at events such as #ToughMudder, where they will let you trade in an old charger (no matter what brand) and give you a brand new myCharge model.


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