BooredFemme Hands-on Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S4

SGIV-16 What are the highlights and changes that stood out to me?
As a picture junkie, you know I am going to have a field day with the new dual picture camera and video features. With the SG4 I will be able to snap fun girls night out pics and add my own goofy expressions to the moment. We are going to have lots of fun!!!!! Spec wise, at 13 and 2 MP cameras, this may be the only camera that I need. The Air gesture and hover capability will be great for those of use from cold weather climates. No need to take off the gloves, or use touch screen gloves that really don’t work all that well. With the SG4 you can hover over a picture to select it, or use hand gestures to swipe through slideshows, documents, etc.
The lighter weight and new form factor seem much more comfortable. I find the flattened edges easier to hold, with less likelihood of dropping the phone.  The 2600mAh battery is a big factor for me. With all of my multitasking, I can be very hard on a phone’s battery. The increase in capacity is going to be very helpful. S Translator will be quite useful. Although folks are already using Google translator, I do think there will be an advantage to having some reloaded phrases for translation, without having a data connection.
Other features such as S Health, S Drive, and Group Play? Those are TBD, so stay tuned :).