Blue Valentine

After reading up on Blue Valentine, it was one of those movies I circled as a “must watch” after hearing it was a compelling, emotional performance by both Ryan Gossling and Academy Nominee Michelle Williams.  Watching the frustrations of a failing marriage that may or may not have been based on love at first sight is a hard, sad film.  Shot non-linear, we start the film at the potential of the beginning of the end for them, and jump back to the beginning, seeing how they got where they are, and where they are going from here.

Cindy Heller (Michelle Williams) is an emotionally turbulent young mother, married when pregnant to Dean Pereira (Ryan Gossling).  Her emotions slide the gamut from fear of her father to rage for her husband, reacting to a husband who is subtly sliding into her father’s likeness.  While Michelle William’s character gets stronger throughout the film, she shows subtly more and more range – though it can be hard to see at times.  It is more of a woman coming into her own, and learning to stand on her own two feet rather then leaning on or being supported by a man.

While her performance is strong and commendable, I found myself enjoying Ryan Gossling’s performance much more.  He exhibited more range and clout with a character that easily could have been one dimensional.  While Michelle Williams’ performance garnered her an Academy nomination, she is very much in the shallow end of a deeper pool this year.

(Thunder E’s Thoughts) Blue Valentine was movie, with the words disaster written on it before the credits began to roll. Michelle Williams nomination for best actress in this role was not deserving. Yes I hated here character, same as Nathalie Portman’s in Black Swan. But there I was taken on a journey by the actress and watched i her character grow. Her Michelle Williams complains from the get go and does stop, doesn’t learn and doesn’t understand where here character is going.

I felt Ryan Gossling gave a better performance which brought out the strengthens and weakness of his character and though the film was told in a non-linear fashion. You saw his subtle growth.

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