Blue Aura WS80i Wireless Speaker Review- True Wireless Audio Experience

IMAG0363 Good Wireless Speakers have been almost been a myth. You tend to find issue with signal strengthen, speaker quality and more. Here comes the Blue Aura WS80i Wireless Speakers, with its stylish  and clean looks. The Speakers are wrapped is a smoothly knit faux leather finish combined with stunning performance to make the WS80i stand out in its field.  The Blue Aura WS80i is a unique system that offers the flexibility of having your audio signal from your source device can be sent wirelessly to the active loudspeakers located anywhere in your home, with a range of 25M or 80 feet

The WS80i wireless system is supplied with two active speakers, a transmitter and remote control, plus all necessary accessories to enable you to listen to your favorite music. Just use any source with a headphone socket, line out, or plug it to the USB jack on your PC/laptop and you’re ready to go. Systems are available in black or white. Each active speaker comprises of a 4.5” paper cone long linear excursion motor and a 1” soft dome ferro-fluid cooled tweeter. To complete all of your multi-room requirements, add more Blue Aura wireless speakers to your network – there is NO LIMIT to the amount of speakers that can be used.  You can set up 3 different zones, A, B, and C for station Red.   But to select the different color stations, just push the station button that is located just under the power button


So the big question still remains. does it work?

it does and it works superbly well. First off the Speakers setup is as easy as picking a location in you home you want to place the speakers and power them up. Connect the dongle to you audio source of choice and fire away. What really hits you is the pureness of sound you get of the device. Crisp and clean sound, very solid bass and good mids.  It truly is astonishing to hear how clear audio emanates from the speakers, with no distortions or crackling from frequency disruption.

I can safely say these are the best Wireless speaker system on the market, though priced at $599, you are getting a liberating audio experience with a speaker system that you can transpose around you home and have the easy to connect and stream you music with the highest audio quality possible. So if you are looking for Wireless speakers, then Blue Aura WS80i are a great pair. They also have other models which you can take a look at like the WS30i & WS10