Blu Vivo Air Review


Mid-tier bargain Android devices haven’t really made a name for themselves in recent years. Only devices like the Moto G series, One Plus One, and the Nexus line from Google have truly put quality and price together in a reasonable package. Times are changing with companies such as BLU creating quality devices that have enough power and premium feel to wet the appetite for first time smartphone buyers, or those just looking for a great bargain with the Vivo Air.



From the hardware side of things, spec junkies may scoff at the notion that the Vivo Air is a powerful device, but through my experience the internal specs other than the “RAM” provided a more than adequate experience. Starting off with the beautiful and pixel dense 4.8 AMOLED 720p HD display, it provides above average viewing angles as well as great outdoor visibility due to the AMOLED tech inside. The aluminium and Gorilla Glass 3.0 front and rear combination works extremely well with the 5.1mm thin profile. The device can seem almost weightless at times and it’s only until you use the device do you feel confident you truly have smart phone in your hands. The MediaTek processor, which is an octa-core clocked at 1.7ghz is surprisingly powerful and handled multimedia without a hitch. The graphics chip inside doesn’t do much for intensive gaming, but for the casual gamer things will run smoothly enough.


The software improvements made on the Android KitKat by BLU aren’t just cosmetic, they truly enhance the experience throughout the entirety of the device. Starting with the lock screen, BLU provides a clever “fake call” option in order to help you get out of certain situations you rather not be blunt in leaving about. Diving further into the UI, features such as “smart gestures”, which allow for various add-ons like “double tap” to wake up the display (similar to the LG G3 and Nokia devices) and an ingenious feature to manually set up times for your device to turn on and off helps immensely with time and battery life. Surprisingly enough, I’m one who usually gets any and all android devices and installs the Google Now Launcher on them without hesitation. In this case I chose to use the skin and have no regrets about my decision. Kudos to BLU for providing such an intuitive and elegant software experience.Battery Life:

 Battery Life:

Don’t let that 2100mah battery inside that slim 5.1mm profile fool you. If you choose to use the default skin BLU provides on the device, the optimization has been done so well, you may get 2 days of use per charge out of the device. The MediaTek processor may also have something to do with this, but overall battery life truly is not a worry when it comes to the BLU Vivo Air.

Buy the BLU Vivo Air. That pretty much sums up my overall feelings of the device. Price, quality, stability, battery life; all of these aspects come together for a more than affordable and enjoyable experience. To be quite honest, if BLU added just another 1GB of RAM, I could use the Vivo Air as my main device. For those looking for great value, or their first jump into the frontier that is the smartphone world, look towards the Vivo Air to satisfy your needs.