Blu Starter eCigs

Blu starter eCig (2)ad#ad-1]Blu will be previewing a new “Starter Pack” set to launch in July, developed to make eCigs more portable, affordable, and accessible than ever. The new Blu starter eCigs will retail for $34.99, also you get up too 600 charge cycles or 2 years of use of the Blu Starter eCigs. I am not a fan of cigarettes, but Blu offers a very sensible option


eCigs® Starter Pack offers a lower price point for e-cigarette smokers, while also featuring the convenience of car and laptop charging options, a superior battery management system to ensure long lasting usage, and an ultra-portable design that is as tall as a pack of cigarettes and as slim as a smart phone.

·       Flexible charging options including car, laptop and wall chargers for active lifestyles

·       Two rechargeable batteries and a Smart Proprietary Battery Management System that delivers maximum battery performance for extended use

·       Ultra-portable design that fits comfortably in your hand, pocket or purse, and can still hold 1 extra battery and 4 flavor cartridges