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Blippy is a new social media service in the same vain as twitter, that records and broadcast your spending to the rest of the world. its an interest but dangerous service. I can see two things happening here. First off, business will be put on alert, the fact that you know someone is pay 30% less for the same item that you you just bought somewhere else in the country; could really help consumers in the long run.

The other is having your miscellaneous expenses out there for everyone to see, (escort services, secret lingerie buys, e.t.c). Let’s hope some peoples wives don’t find out about Blippy or sign that husband up for it secretly.

In Philip Kaplan’s world, no credit card purchase is private — not even the $70.06 “sexy gift” he bought from a gay-themed shop called “Does Your Mother Know.” He posted that transaction online.

Kaplan is the co-founder of a new site called Blippy. On the site, which launched last week, people enter their credit card information and Blippy automatically sends out short, public “blips” of information about what people are buying — including the prices of the items and where they were bought.

It’s like the financial version of Twitter, and Kaplan, the 34-year-old author of the book and former blog “F’d Companies,” who looks and talks somewhat like the actor Seth Rogen, says it’s going to change the way people think about privacy and money.

More via CNN

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