BlackBerry Z10 Review- The return of the Power User

BlackBerry Z10-1 The BlackBerry Z10 marks Blackberry’s return to top form in the mobile arena. There is a lot packed into the Z10 that allows the device to reach different levels of productivity. Spec-wise the Z10 packs a dual-core 1.5Ghz Processor with 2GB of ram. The Z10 has a  4.2″ HD display device with resolution 1280×768 (720p), in the rear the device sports an 8 megapixel rear cameras with a 2 megapixel front facing camera. Internal storage on the BlackBerry Z10 is 16GB, which can be expanded via microSD up to 64GB.  That a lot of things to talk about concerning the BalckBerry Z10 and BlackBerry 10 OS, some of which I will address in the writing review and then go into deeper detail in the video review below. First of the gesture interface works, swipe across all four corners of the screen to navigate the OS, is a seamless process and quite effective. The lack of a home button or on-screen keeps doesn’t hinder your use of the device. The Z10 at 4.2-inches feels comfortable and natural in your hands, yes it does feel like you are holding a blackberry but in a very good way. The new BlackBerry keyboard is very solid and works very well typing, thought the predictive text function  will get a lot getting used to ( I thing would work better on a larger screen). In terms of Battery life the Z10 is a beast at 1860mAh, I got about 26 hours of use, with WiFi on, three emails, Facebook, twitter; while using the device. Power-user will find this very useful.

Speaking of power-user, the email client on the on BB10 is solid, and robust, you can add any email client of your choosing, and you email in integrated to your notifications and BlackBerry Hub), you can import your calender as well as your contacts, Meaning you can transfer contacts from gmail, Windows phone and iOS over to your BlackBerry Z10. BBM also got an upgrade with the addition of Video Chat, showing that BlackBerry. Multitasking works well, allowing you to view and close out applications at your choosing; though you can only have 8 apps open at any given point.  The Camera on the Z 10 is decent, takes very good still in day light and adequate at nite, you can check out sample photos below and a video sample with the video review.

The BlackBerry Z10 as a device, is what we have been expecting from BlackBerry in terms of Hardware as well as software. The Z10 really brings back the full functionality of a power-user, the OS is smooth and fast. Plus the 2GB of ram helps. The the Z10 lacks in application. The browsers does allow for easy access to your information needs via the web. Also the outstanding battery does prove the point that a well baked OS doesn’t need a massive batter to make it hum. Yes the apps will come eventually, come but I am pleased to say that BlackBerry has delivered on a device that will help crawl its way back into the market