Blackberry OS 10.2.1 Hands-on

20140205_183940 We Blackberry lovers have been waiting for a more substantial update, and here it is. Last week they pushed out a much more beefy update with I was able to get my hands on the Z10. The download and installation took about two hours of course, but to be expected. There is a whole gaggle of new features, many of which are screen changes, toggle buttons, and icon changes.

What’s the fun stuff? You can now directly load APK files (Android apps) from your Blackberry, instead of the more annoying side-loading process. You can easily find reliable sites with the APK files to download. The only drawback is that they may be slightly behind. The Instagram app that I downloaded was not up to date. Many folks had problems with their previous Android apps after the installation, so backup and all information that you can. As I could not update the Z30 I got ahold of, I wasn’t able to test out the new FM radio function, but there is plenty of buzz so it has been very popular.

For organization, I love that they have added more customization. You can now add picture password, create contact groups, customize hub accounts, and have specific profiles for various contact methods. You can now easily change from one user profile to the other from your drop down menu. Many of the new features simplify your browsing and multitasking experience, so I love them!! Take a peek at my favorites below:

  • Pinch filter for hub view
  • New Video call screen, ok lots and lots of screen and icon changes
  • Simplified call screen, with swipe to answer or silence
  • Updated device and data monitors
  • Flashlight app added to quick settings
  • Easy toggle from Personal Profile to Enterprise from drop down menu
  • Direct install of APK files
  • Customize arrangement of accounts in Hub
  • FM Radio (Q10, Q5, Z30)
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Battery shows percentage
  • Added Picture Password
  • Added Contact Groups
  • Custom contact profiles for email, SMS, BBM and phone calls