Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Black Headphones Review

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro-5 Beyerdynamic is a Germany audio house that specializes in created some very solid headphones, with all their products actually made in Germany ( that is always a good thing.). the Custom One Pro offers not only personalized sound, but also personalized design., You can choose from hundreds of designs and easily change many parts any time (sold separately, plus the need for hex key). The Custom One Pro can be a different headphone every day. But more than this, you can be the designer yourself and create your own personal headphone. Plus, the rings, covers and cushions on the ear pads are interchangeable, as is the cushioned headband–the user can switch the parts easily by hand in just a few simple moves.

What makes the Custom One Pro unique is the variable bass adjuster, which allows you to maximize you bass to levels of comfort; through flexible bass reflex vents on the earcups change the headphones’ sound characteristic in four stages. When the vents are closed,  the transducer membranes are under strict control, which produces a streamlined, analytical sound. However, with every notch on the slider, the Custom One Pro adds another layer of bass until the wearer can literally feel the air pumping out of the headphones thanks to the ultra-light velocity transducer. Noise pollution, such as droning airplane engines or street noise, is kept out and is no longer a source of irritation. Moreover, this noise isolation feature is much more pleasant than electronic noise-cancellation. There is no uncomfortable feeling of pressure against your ears and the headphones do not require additional batteries. The Sound quality of the headphones are clean and vibrant with a great feel of bass to you delight and comfort. You really feel the music’s base tune to you every needs.

To point out you do need to adjust the slide on each individual earcup to adjust the bass level. something that I would love to singular switch. though the Custom One Pro does have a slew of customizable features. they need for tools such as a hex key to change the face plate is rather annoying. Be that as it may, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones do deliver on sound and qaulity with a variable bass adjuster that help improve you listening experience. You can pick one up through, price between $160-$190. Definitely a great mid ranged headphone to use.



Product Features

  • Custom Sound Slider to change the sound anytime (closed, semi open, open design)
  • Customizable Style: easily change color of the headband, ear pads, ear cups plates design, detachable cable… Crazy or Cool ? Style and look!
  • New Velocity Drivers at 16 ohm, suitable for smart phone, ipad, tablets, home audio or pro audio devices
  • Variable Noise Reduction, adjust the Sound Slider for deeper bass and block out noises, or adjust to hear just a little ouside sound, you design it!
  • Quality. Made in Germany. Two year warranty by beyerdynamic USA