Best place for your game Trades: “”

Lea[trade 1 As a gamer, the thought of trading my game is dreadful, you go to your local stores and get some outrageously low prices for solid for a give you only got two weeks ago. Plus don’t get me started on sports titles which tend to depreciate faster than you can say hello. With that said you choices of trading in games has become limited and more of a chore. Sure you could try to sell it on Ebay and still have to pay commission fees and then ship it out, there is even Craigslist which gives you a the ability to sell it without any fees, but you have to haggle prices and also might get to meet a few sketchy characters in the process. I have a better and  simpler alternative, As a gamer this is the service you want to use. First off leaptrade let  you  trade with another gamer. Yes!! you are trading to another human being and not the company which is great.

Its a very simple process, you sign up for leaptrade, then you can browse for the game you want to request or trade-in. Request simply means to purchase from another gamer; while trade-in refers to you selling your own game. The other option is to search through your console category. Once you select a game you can select the condition you  want the game to be in; either full package, disc + case or disk only. You cash out buy either credit ( which you can buy to add to your account) or trade a game you have for the game you want or a mixture of both.  The fun part is that you pay nothing, yep zero. The only time you are charged is $3.49 for shipping if you are trading in a game. Think about that for a second you can trade you game for another, or you can buy them from another gamer without been charged ridiculous fees or gouged on your trade. So my suggestion is to go over to check it out and start trading your games there.