Best christmas gift for you emm…. I mean your son, nephew and you… “Marvel’s Create your Comic”

Marvel Comic creator

My excuse here is I have a seven cousin who would love this, what’s yours ?

What’s not to love, the ability to create your own marvel story and use your favorite characters to the fullest of your imagination, without wait a week or a couple of months for the story to unfold.

Once again, Marvel’s created a truly interactive and fun website. Your first step is adding a page, and the program offers over 10 different layouts from a giant one-panel “splash page,” to a Brian Michael Bendis-like 9 panel grid layout. You can add up to 22 pages of story, mixing up your layouts and moving pages around as you see fit.

The real fun, though, is adding characters. For someone with no artistic talent, this is huge. There’s roughly 50 different hero and villain poses to choose from. Again, you can rotate and resize any of them. So go ahead and make one huge picture of Hulk smashing, or fit a dozen or so characters duking it out in a series of small panels. All the regulars from the “Super Hero Squad” cartoon are here including Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Reptil, as well as baddies Dr. Doom, Abomination and M.O.D.O.K. My only complaint here is the absence of a certain Star-Spangled Avenger. Yes, I admit, I’m a little biased being a huge Captain America fan, but seriously, how can they offer Iron Fist and not Cap?

Other features you can add to your comic are dialogue and sound effects. The word balloon selection is great, though it’d be a neat feature to have the ability to reverse a balloon, so the tail can properly face your character’s mouth. My son loved all the different sound effects available, making sure to fill a page with plenty of “CRASH!”, “BDDA, BDDA, BDDA” and “THOOM!” effects

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