Belkin Powerline AV500 Review

IMAG0801 The Belkin Powerline AV500 is  network setup that uses you home electricity setup to provided you with internet speeds at the highest level. With the Belkin Powerline AV500, you can send high-bandwidth content from the Internet to computers and network devices all over your home through the electrical wiring in your house. The two included adapters let you convert any electrical outlet in your home into a network connection.

Setup is easy: simply plug one adapter into a wall outlet and connect it to your router via Ethernet, then plug the second adapter into an outlet wherever you need a network connection. The kit includes two adapters–sufficient to create one connection. If you have need for another connection, just purchase another adapter. What you get is what you see here with the Belkin Powerline AV500 a simple and easy to use network adapter that uses your home electricity circuit to give fast reliable internet connections. The only downside, which has to do with the technology and not the product; the powerline has t be plugged directly into the wall and not a surge protector or else it will not work. Other than that you have got a great device that works well and easy to use.