BEERMKR Launches All-In-One Countertop Beer Brewing Device

BEERMKR Launches World’s First All-In-One
Countertop Beer Making System Anyone Can Use

BEERMKR is the first of any product on the market that is able to brew
and ferment, all in one device, allowing full in-machine customization of
beer recipes

Boulder, CO – September 19, 2018 – BEERMKR, the world’s first all-in-one countertop
beer making system, launches on Kickstarter and debuts at the Great American Beer Fest
(Booth 156). BEERMKR streamlines the complex and fragile process of making craft beer,
minimizing sanitation errors and managing fermentation temperatures at a level currently
only possible with commercial grade equipment. BEERMKR provides all the technological
advantages of a local craft brewery sized for the counter top, while still allowing for
creativity and experimentation.

See Video and Purchase BEERMKR Today on Kickstarter

Current homebrewing methods require space filling equipment that can take hours to clean,
sanitize and prepare for brewing, fermenting and bottling. Anyone, regardless of brewing
experience, can be brewing in under 5 minutes with BEERMKR. Even with all the time-
consuming prep work home brewers painstakingly conduct, the smallest of errors in
handling or fermentation temperature, can lead to completely undrinkable beer.

For more information on the company’s beers, please visit BEERMKR on the web at: or on the company’s: Instagram.

Recipes: Each BEERMKR will come with a MKRKIT which includes all of the necessary
ingredients such as grains, hops, yeast, clarifiers and CO2 for carbonation and serving.
When it is time to brew another beer, just open up the BEERMKR app and order a new kit.
Each replacement MKRKIT will cost $12 or $1 per beer.

Output: The BEERMKR will produce 144oz (3.785 liters), a volume equal to a 12-pack of
standard size bottles or cans. This process will take between 7 and 14 days to complete
depending on the style of beer brewed.

Availability & Pricing
BEERMKR will be on display at the company’s booth (#156) at the Great American Beer
Festival (GABF) taking place in Denver, Colorado this weekend (Sept. 20-22). Festival
attendees will be able to talk to the founders and get a hands-on demo* of how the unit

BEERMKR recently launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign, beginning on September 18
with BEERMKRs slated to ship to backers in March 2019.

Kickstarter pricing will begin at $299 and pricing tiers going up to $329, $349 and $379
throughout the campaign. Once completed, the product will be available on the company’s
website and in potential retail outlets for $400.

The BEERMKR campaign currently has generated nearly $45,000 (45% of goal) to date
with completion set for October 18, 2018.

Those interested can visit and support the Kickstarter campaign at:
brewing-machine .

*Due to local alcohol distribution laws, no beer created with BEERMKR will be served at GABF. However, the
company openly invites anyone in the Boulder-area to come by the headquarters for a full walkthrough and
sampling of the product.

BEERMKR is the world’s first, all-in-one, countertop beer brewing system that utilizes an
open top, allowing for first-time and experienced home brewers alike to easily brew beer in
their kitchen, man-cave or garage without the mess. BEERMKR will be launching via
Kickstarter in September 2018 and will be on-display at the 2018 GABF.

BEERMKR was conceived, designed and conceptualized by the team behind BrewJacket,
a temperature control system for homebrew fermenters.

BEERMKR automates these fragile processes with commercial grade temperature control
and a brewing, fermentation and serving system in a convenient countertop form-factor. A
clean beer yield of over 1-gallon (3.785 liters), can be ready to drink in 7-14 days for about
$1 per beer.

“As home brewers and craft beer fans, we are always excited to see beer lovers get into
home brewing,” said Aaron Walls, CEO and Founder of BEERMKR. “We have simplified
the daunting task of brewing at home through a number of patent-pending designs and
processes. Whether you are looking to start brewing or you’re a seasoned Brewmaster just
wanting to experiment with a new recipe, BEERMKR precisely brews any style of beer
without the hassles of large equipment and rigorous, time consuming cleaning.”

How it Works in Five Easy Steps:
1.) Add the grain and hops from the MKRKIT into the ingredient bin and start the brew on
the BEERMKR app.
2.) When brewing is complete, remove grain and hops from ingredient bin and add yeast.
3.) Start fermentation via the BEERMKR app and ferment the wort into beer.
4.) Once complete, transfer the finished beer to the BEERTAP dispenser and then screw in
the CO2 cartridge to carbonate.
5.) Serve and enjoy.

“Unlike other home brewing products on the market which focus on either the brewing or
fermentation process, BEERMKR focuses on both,” noted Walls.

Temperature Control: One of the most crucial parts of brewing is temperature
management during fermentation. Most home brewers hope for the best. BEERMKR uses
the same tried and true technology found in BrewJacket, the industry leading temperature
controlling device, to precisely maintain proper temperature during fermentation.

Sanitizing: The brewing/fermentation/serving bag disconnects cleanly at the end of
brewing, leaving behind krausen waste and hop/yeast sediment. Since the bag is closed off
during the entire process, BEERMKR eliminates unwanted contamination that can easily
ruin even the most experienced homebrewer’s batch.

Experimentation: BEERMKR operates on an open system, allowing aspiring Brewmasters
to experiment with styles or ingredients. Simply mix & match recipes during online ordering
or add ingredients directly into the brewing chamber.

App Monitoring: The BEERMKR App allows you to order ingredients, start the brew
process, and monitor progress and temperatures all from a smartphone or tablet. When its
time to pitch the yeast, BEERMKR will send users a notification.