Beats Solo 2 Review- More of the same again

Beats Solo 2-3 Every time a new pair of  Beats headphones come out, I give  it a chance to see if improvements have been made to audio that stretch the limitations of the Hardware. Now Beats do an excellent job at crafted a design masterpiece with their headsets that are slick sexy and cool to look at; with the Beats Solo 2 being no exception to that. The headphones come with the traditional beats soft carrying pouch and a singular 3.5mm line cable that does a spectacular job at answering voice calls.

So here comes the bad, and I will start with the least obvious, the headphones are not comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Yes beats are know for their styling, but the usually are very comfortable pair of headphones to wear for  long periods. That isn’t the case here with the Solo 2’s, not sure why that was the case. The second and most obvious has to do with the sound, and Beats love for adding and excessive amount of bass, that treats your music listening, like a drum session on steroids. though acoustics have improved, you highs and mids  are not well balanced, and vocals are crowded out by the massive amounts of bass. Now don’t  get me wrong, if you are listening to bass heavy music, there are awesome. But for an everyday listen experience, the Solo 2s just don’t cut it at its $199 price range, when considering other alternatives.