Beats Executive Review- Greatly Improved Sound

beatsexecutive-7 The Beats Executive are the top of the line Headphones from Beats by Dre. The Executives are  a slick designed headphones with a fo-aluminum finish that gives a very sleek and smooth look. The Beats Executive comes in Black and Silver colors and retails for $299, and you can get yours at Beats Executive headphones are designed for travel, whether you’re cruising at 30,000 feet or just flying across town in a cab. They’re lightweight, comfortable to wear, and fold flat for easy packing. The are many things t like about the Beats Executive, but I will start off with a few negatives. for starters, the active noise cancelling feature isn’t a prominent as you would expect. When listening to music its great but just turned on, you can hear sound normally.  Also the color of the 3.5mm cables don’t match the headset which is mor nitpicking from me than anything else.

To the Positives; they headphones sound very good. Not a fan off a lot of Beats by Dre products, but I will say they have done a good job in scaling back the excessive bass, while give  a mor ebalanced product which has good mids and highs with great tonal repoduction.