Beats by Dr Dre Wireless Headphones Review


[ad#ad-1]The Beats by Dr Dre line has grown leaps and bounds, becoming the must have  headphones for this generation. Starting from the Beats Pro, Beats Solo, their artist inspired series and some of their sport team branded headed; the next logical step was the creation of set of wireless headphones. The Wireless Beat By Dr Dre headphones are Bluetooth connected and are powered by rechargeable battery. The headphones are made Ultra lightweight materials and a streamlined design; making them very light and durable for a set of rechargeable battery-powered Bluetooth headphones. It’s also go a built-in mic and convenient control buttons sitting on the right  earcup for hands-free mobile calling, track control, and volume control. The earcups are soft and rest easily on your ears, allow for comfortable listening. Bluetooth paring with the headphones are as easy as holding down the power button till the repetitive blue blinks and then added it to your device. The headphones were a breeze to pair on PC, MAC, Windows Phone Android and iOS.


What’s In The Box

  • Beats™ Wireless headphones
  • Touring case
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology
  • One Year Limited Warranty


This is the main question? How well does it Sound? I have to  break the answer into two categories. First off, hands-free calling; the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones also has a built-in mic that allows for hands free calling, the sound quality as you would expect when listening to other on the other line is clean and crisp, problem lies with the mic, I found that most people couldn’t hear the call well and I had to adjust my vocal tone.  Though the headset did sync well with other hands free features of the smartphone. Like Voice to text and reading off text messages

When it comes to listening to music, then this is where the Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless headphones truly shine. You get very solid bass, good mids and highs with very clear vocals. I was impressed with the sound quality especially from a Bluetooth headset. As you can see in the video these headphone do a great job in giving you clear on distorted sound over Bluetooth. The Range for the headphones are about 70ft before they start cutting out, which in most cases is far enough.


Overall I am thoroughly impressed by Bluetooth Wireless offering from Beats By Dr. Dre with clear crisp sound that is unheard from a wireless Bluetooth headset.  Easy to use navigation buttons, comes with a simple and cool carrying case. At $279.99 you won’t find a better pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones than the Beats By Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones.



6 responses to “Beats by Dr Dre Wireless Headphones Review”

  1. hamza001 Avatar

    Ik heb 1 vraagje over de beats wireless, krijg je ook de kabel erbij waarme je je ook met draad kan luisteren? Ik had dt gelezen op hun site 
    I have got one question, do you get the cable to listen te muzic with cable? I read that on their site

  2. booredatwork Avatar

    it says included but i didn’t get any in my packaging

  3. hamza001 Avatar

    Oh oke thank you for your respond i appriciate it. I liked your video but does the headphone got a hole for the 3,5 mm pin?

  4. booredatwork Avatar

    it does have a port for 3.5mm jack

  5. hamza001 Avatar

    Thanks, can you buy that cable in the stores for your beats?

  6. How long is the charging time of the headphones

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