Battle Vid: Nokia X vs. Lumia 520

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Both the Nokia X and Nokia Lumia 520 are tailored towards a specific demographic and target market. Putting the power of the smartphone in the hands of first time smartphone buyers and/or consumers who can’t afford to pay for the more expensive devices are the foundation for both of these devices. Nokia has always been the master of pumping out devices such as these and putting them in areas of emerging markets with ease due to their wide and established distribution.

Nokia devices are known for their great build quality regardless of the price, and the same holds true for both the Nokia Lumia 520 and the Nokia X. A wide range of colors, removal back covers, Micro SD slots, bearable camera specs, and longevity in battery life are all associated with these devices. However, there are a few glaring differences that may persuade the buyer in the opposite direction for their purchase.

Starting with the screens, both come with a 4 inch 800 x 480 LCD display. On the spec sheet they’re the same, but in practical use, I found the Lumia 520 to have better clarity and color saturation. The reason for this may lie in the software, which leads me to my next major difference. The Lumia 520 runs Windows Phone 8 under the hood. An increasingly mature operating system with an established app ecosystem. The Nokia X is running somewhat of a science experiment for the mass market. Visually, the software is running a Windows Phone tile based copycat UI.

Tiles are colorful and can be moved around, and notification specifically pop in just like on WP8. The flip side is that it’s running Android under the hood. Fans have been clamoring for Nokia to put Android on their devices, and it’s finally happened. Not in the way that they hoped, but it’s there. Nokia has tailored and customized the heck out of the software and sadly, google service apps and the Google Play Store is not available by default. There are other “ways” of getting these services and apps up and running, but they are not conventional to the average consumer. Check the battle vid review for more details.

Battery life is a major difference in these two devices, which is odd since only 70mAh separate the two. The Nokia X gives you 2-3 days on consistent use versus the 1-1.5 days on the Lumia 520. Nokia has optimized the new software on the Nokia X quite well for its first iteration.

The Nokia X or the Nokia Lumia 520?All though the Nokia X provides more opportunities to tinker with it, the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor versus the single-core on the Nokia X, and WP8 still outmatched it in value in my opinion. Preference is always key when comparing devices, so the results may differ from consumer to consumer. The continued support to update the Nokia Lumia 520 to WP 8.1 also adds a tremendous amount of value to the device. All in all, you’re getting great value for both dev