Barbershop: Next Cut Blu-Ray Review


I have not seen the first two Barbershop films, but that did not prevent me from enjoying this one.  Before I go further into my review, here is a brief overview of the film:

In order for the barbershop to survive harsh economic times, Calvin and Angie have merged the barbershop and beauty salon into one business. The days of male bonding are gone as Eddie and the crew must now contend with sassy female co-workers and spirited clientele. Crime and gangs are on the rise, leaving Calvin worried about the fate of his son. Together, the friends come up with a bold plan to take back their beloved neighborhood.

Here is my review: This film tackles two current issues in one; feminism and violence.  A lot of films that were previously made for a male, misogynist audience, and have tried to capture the more progressive and feminist audience have not done well.  They try too hard, the characters are not relatable, and hyperbole of the female character’s personality traits make them difficult to watch.  The Next Cut does not have this issue.  While it does have a few cringe worthy one-liners, the film overall has solid female characters, and does well showing how the original male characters are changing their misogynist views.  With regards to the violence, there are many poignant moments which showcase how police, and gang violence affect individuals, families, and communities.  The film shows how everyone is responsible for ending the cycle of hate and violence and ends with a positive message of hope.  This film seems more relevant than ever given the current events.  To sum up my review, while there were a few off moments, I enjoyed the movie, and the message that everyone can do their part to promote love, respect, and unity.