Ava Byte: AI controlled indoor home garden – $169

AVA Technologies Inc. (AVA,) the Vancouver-based startup integrating food, science, design and technology to bring sustainable solutions into consumers’ homes, today announced the launch of its flagship product, AVA Byte (Byte). AVA Byte is the first indoor smart garden to combine artificial intelligence (AI) technology, including machine learning, and a simplified user experience to revolutionize the production and consumption  of indoor home-grown food. Designed for a new generation of conscious and connected consumers, AVA Byte promotes sustainable agriculture by enabling them to grow an array of vegetables, micro-greens and fruits indoors, and is the first gardening device of its kind able to grow mushrooms. AVA Byte is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for early bird pricing between $169 (limited quantities) up to $250 (MSRP: $299.)

“Growing your own food is a vote against the way the food system is today. Being food-lovers, we wanted to start a food revolution,” says Valerie Song, co-founder and CEO of AVA Technologies. “Unfortunately, unlike houses with large backyards, a condo-dweller like myself is restricted by lack of space and access to sunlight. My kitchen herbs kept dying because Vancouver gets really dark and dry at certain times of the year.”

“As a previous fine-dining chef, my restaurants all knew that high quality ingredients make or break your dishes. However, most restaurants where I cooked at had trouble accessing fresh and interesting ingredients, all year round,” says Chase Ando, Imagineer and co-founder at AVA Technologies. “Food should always come straight from the plant, not from plastic wrap. That’s why we founded AVA – to help anyone get growing, anywhere.”

Food gardening has become a rising global trend (a 29% increase in urban areas1 and over $3.6B in industry spending2,) but many struggle with cultivating their plants to maturity and have limited space to do so. AVA Technologies is reinventing the traditional garden by introducing expedited growth cycles of plants that are typically cultivated outside.

“The world is undergoing a massive transition  into a new future of food and agricultural systems” says Mike Nasseri, Urban Futurist, AVA Technologies. “AVA Byte will help push the awareness curve that is required to advance the adoption curve of the new technologies being used at scale to address our current issues in agricultural production and consumption.”

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the AVA Byte app allows users to track the development from sprout to mature plants, find plant and meal recipes, or view and order plant pods. Whether you are growing tomatoes for immediate cooking or drying herbs for long-term storage, AVA Byte’s hyperlocal solution  allows for convenient ease of use and the freshest farm-to-table experience.

AVA Byte Features:

  • Designed to fit every kitchen: Available in one compact size, the sleek device comes in a white, space grey or carbon black finish to seamlessly blend into any kitchen aesthetic. Additionally, you can mount AVA Byte to any wall, allowing you to have your own smart vertical farm without sacrificing precious counter space.

  • Simple but smart: AVA Byte is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and other connected home devices. Utilizing IoT technology, AVA Byte’s sensors monitor the indoor environment and allow AVA to accelerate plant development:

    • Automated LED indicators and contextual app reminders make sure the the reservoir always gets filled

    • Plant-optimized LEDs with a mixture of red, white, and blue spectra encourage growth, fruiting, and flowering so you can grow anywhere.

    • Hydroponic irrigation technology means you only have to put water in the reservoir once every few weeks instead of every few days

    • HD-camera is available as an accessory for machine vision and timelapse videos to share with friends

  • Fresher, faster, environmentally-conscious: AVA Byte grows up to 3x faster, and uses 90% less water, and can take up to 90% less space than traditional soil gardens.

    • Ready-to-grow compostable pods are soil-free and include everything that a plant needs to thrive – seeds, plant food, and a plant-based spongy growing material.

  • Variety is the spice of life: Every AVA Byte growing device will include a five-pack of pods. Choose from a selection of gourmet herbs, salad greens, vegetables, fruits, microgreens, mushrooms and edible flowers.

    • AVA Byte is the first indoor smart garden to integrate herbs, flowers, microgreens, root vegetables, and mushrooms into a single device.

    • Additional growing pods can be ordered online for $2 to $10, depending on the pod

  • More than just a consumer hardware product

    • Taking Apple and Tesla’s lead, we are building our device as a crowdsourced data collection platform paired with cognitive computing to improve our plant growth recipes.

AVA Byte is available for international customers and will begin shipping in early 2018. Devices come with a one-year warranty and a dishwasher-safe reservoir.


Additionally, AVA Byte recently made its public debut at the feature exhibit, Made in Canada from April 21st to September 4th, at the Telus World of Science in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


AVA Technologies

AVA Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver-based IoT startup on a mission to feed the world’s transition to sustainable food. Founded by a group of young, ethnically and gender diverse foodies, AVA integrates food, science,design, and technology to craft meaningful solutions to big world problems starting with an indoor smart garden to grow fresh ingredients right at the point of consumption. AVA’s flagship product AVA Byte, launched June 2017, and is redefining modern agriculture by bringing it into the home, restaurant, classroom and grocery store. For more information, visit http://avagrows.com/.