Audiofly AF33m In-Ear Headphone Review

IMG-20120328-01007 Thank goodness headsets are getting better. I must admit it’s been a while since I tried a headset other them the freebies that came with my phone. I’ve been using these every day during my commute. I’ve even used them while at work to drown out office distractions.

The Audiofly AF33m headset is passing the test so far.

For starters, the headset includes 3 different size silicone ear plugs, which we all know are easy to lose. These are packaged with a nice twist tie, so keep it in use. So far, only one plug has fallen off, and found thank goodness. The silicone material for the earbuds is quite comfortable, and they stayed secure in my ears.

It also comes with a small and sturdy carrying pouch. The headset itself wraps up nicely and untangles easily. The rubberized cord seems durable, which says a lot since it gets tossed around in my bag daily.

They’ve separated the microphone from the control button. Why is this helpful? It is closer to your mouth, and farther away from the main cord for better call quality.

Sound quality gets a thumbs up.  Of course a critical item is the noise cancellation. For earbuds, these do an amazing job of blocking out noise. So much so that it muffles all sounds around you. I did hear slight interference. From earrings knocking against the earphone cords on either side.

For voice quality, I asked for feedback from the folks i was speaking to. They reportedly heard much less outside noise when I spoke to them through the headset, than from using the handset itself.

Overall the Audiofly 33m headset has excellent sound quality, is nice and compact, and passes my durability tests so far. I would definitely recommend this quality headset. It’s a good buy for the anticipated retail price of $39.99.