AudioFly AF140 Headphones Review: Unparalleled Audio Quality

Audiofly 140-3 I break earbuds. Not in some neo-modern art sense but rather in the literal, every day, wear and tear, kind of way. I use my earbuds hard, I run, listen to audiobooks in bed, work out, eat (not with them, but with them on) drink, and on some occasion, I have been known to attempt to swim with a pair (we’ll follow a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy for that particular incident). From my earlier comment you can tell than as a reviewer / consumer, I am probably the worst nightmare for any headphone manufacturer. Now about the AF140s from AudioFly. I’ve used these earbuds for the last few weeks and believe me, I’ve put it through its paces and can bear witness to its build and audio quality. Beginning with the build quality, you can tell that this earbuds were built to last. It might not have been designed for the running, jumping, lifting, eating or sleeping activities in our everyday lives but when you consider the fact that these are stage quality designed earbuds, aimed at the discerning consumer or performer who will be using these pair of earbuds on the go, or during a recording session, you realize that this earbud is built to last and maintain quality over years of use.

The sturdy AudioFlex low profile cables which connect to the earpieces and the behind-the-ear design make it ideal for the performers with an audience. The cable connected to the 3.5mm plug is covered with a Cardura fabric known for its military grade durability. Now enough about the rugged build, lets jump into the main event, audio quality. The AF140 produces a stand out level of quality. Its use of 3 drivers, two balanced and one dynamic armature, deliver precise sounds while also providing hitting the low keys. I can sincerely say that these are the best earbuds I’ve uses in a very long time. The comfort of the behind the ear design makes using the AF140 a very comfortable experience, and unlike many other earbuds I’ve used while running, the buds stay put. Now here’s the rub, at 349 USD, these buds are a bit on the expensive side. But consider that these are geared towards the professional artist or “prosumer” who values quality above all else, it is easy to justify spending that amount of cash on impeccable audio quality.