Audio-technica PRO500MK2 Review- Party on your ears

Audio-technica Pro500MK2-5 Designed with the DJ in mind, Audio-Technica’s ATH-PRO500MK2 headphones deliver amazing sonic performance with 53 mm large-diameter drivers, low-profile acoustic-efficient housings, swiveling earpieces, and compact foldable design. The rugged design offers improved strength and smooth rotation of the earpieces; comes with two detachable cords (one coiled and one straight). Also available available in red (ATH-PRO500MK2RD). The whole design process of the Pro500MK2 headphones really lets you feel like a DJ in comfortable fashion, the 53mm drivers are soft and fully foldable in many directions with soft leather. When you wear the Audio-technica Pro500MK2, the headphones rest easy on your ears, encapsulating all to let you feel the music fully.

 Audio quality off the Pro500MK2 is phenomenal  music sound rich and powerful. You feel like you are having a party on your ears. the sound is so encapsulating it is almost erotic. I think I felt what it would be like to be a DJ spin for close to 10,000 people in a club. The bass on the Pro500Mk2 really hits you in a very raw natural way, like the music comes alive and brings rhythm to your soul. Even pure vocal tracks sounded very enrich and fantastic on the Audio-technica Pro500MK2. You can tell I really enjoyed listen to music with the Pro500Mk2; retailing for around $150 on they are a great buy for the avid music lover and the beginner DJ.


53 mm high-quality large-diameter drivers deliver extremely wide frequency response (10-30,000 Hz)

Durable elastomer frame

Soft elastomer grip for non-slip stability during DJ use

Foldable for compact portability

Swiveling earpieces (50°/90°) provide versatile positioning for every monitoring preference

Easily replaceable detachable cord with screw-in connector

Includes 2 detachable cords (one coiled and one straight)

Available in black (BK) and red (RD)