AT&T’s Daybreak- Evolution of Brand identity

att-daybreak-600-56900 I got a chance to have a brief  chat with Esther Lee AT&T Senior Vice President – Brand Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorship about  to Daybreak. Which is an AT&T webisode, which is an interactive story about the magic of technology and its power to transform our lives and aid us in reaching our highest potential. “Daybreak” was created by Tim Kring, co-creator of the hit TV shows “Touch,”  “Heroes” and “Crossing Jordan.” It’s being directed by Jon Cassar, best known for “24.”

Yes you read that right AT&T has a web series that has nothing and everything to do with technology. I What’s interesting here is understanding why and How AT&T went about creating this web series.  Esther mentioned the idea of branding and brand identity, and how the show Daybreak fits into AT&T’s slogan of Rethink Possible. By applying those principles in telling a story from a different medium, is what AT&T is striving to achieve here. Another key point Ether stressed was the fact that AT&T felt that the had to do this right; in terms of great production value, content partner as well as overall feel. “It had to feel like a well produced show.”

This is where Tim Kring comes into the picture, drawing inspiration for “Touch” and “Daybreak” while touring AT&T Labs.  Experiencing firsthand the inventions at AT&T Labs, he realized he would be able to take that idea further and use new technologies both within his series and via Web connected devices to tell help further enrich the content and engage the viewer.

With Tim Kring on board, AT&T was looking to create something with natural brand integration, that felt organic and un-intrusive to the audience. basically something that show AT&T’s brand identity with out flaunting the company’s logo all over the page. Rather a more subtle approach with links in the player that showcase the varying technology’s offered by AT&T as well as the Jack app. which is highly featured in the web series and is an added interactive tool that viewer can delve in more with the series.


Daybreak is an ambitious and welcomed marketing initiative from AT&T that aims to entertain the viewers as well as push the brand identity. The question remains, will AT&T continue with such media related initiates? According to Esther Lee of AT&T, time will tell as the assess the success of the web series but AT&T is open to the idea of progressing forward with such ventures.  I for one will love to see this continue, I also would love to see some integration of projects from AT&T labs into the plot of the series. If you haven’t watched Daybreak I suggest you take time to check out the first two episodes of the show, as well as the site and download the Jack app on your smartphone. Plus there is a special connection to Fox Network show Touched in Episode 3 of the web series. So watch and enjoy

Watch Episodes 1 & 2 here