AT&T Opens Flagship Retail Store on Chicago’s Famed Magnificent Mile

att AT&T announced the grand-opening of our one-of-a-kind 10,000 square foot flagship brand store on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. It brings to live the idea of “it’s what you do, with what we do”, by showing customers how they can use our technology in new ways and provide a unique glimpse of what’s to come.

An 18-foot high Connect Wall shows our latest news, interactive content and product information, visible to the entire store and passers-by.

·More than 100 digital screens are used throughout the space.

·We will have the first-ever AT&T retail demo of a connected car, a 2012 Nissan Leaf. Yes, the car will be right there in the store positioned in a new “Street Smart” section where we will also highlight an AT&T Labs prototype of Driving Safety.

·We will have the first-ever retail demo of AT&T’s Digital Life home security and automation service, which we will trial this year. Customers can control a mock home, adjust temperature, and raise and lower a window shade via a wireless device.

·For the first time in one of our retail stores, we’re using biometric technology. Employees’ fingerprints can securely open cabinet locks for cash drawers and our IT systems.

·We’ll complete sales via tablets. As info, CIO Magazine recently recognized AT&T for its innovation use of technology in our retail stores.

·It also has unique ways for customers to explore and experience our products based on their interests with Lifestyle Boutiques, Apps Bar and Wall, Experience Platform and more.