AT&T HTC Desire 626 Review

Disre 626 (2)

The HTC Desire 626 comes in as a budget smartphone for HTC on AT&T. This is a device you can pick up for $1 on a two year contract or $189 out right. So what do you get from HTC at this ridiculous affordable price. For starters the devices does come with a 5-inch 720p display with a rear 5MP camera that shots at 720p.

To be honest there is nothing wow worthy of the specs of the HTC Desire 626, but what it lacks in specs; it make sup in performances. This device still does a good job in handling everyday task that a smartphone user faces with sufficient battery life. Plus its price point makes it attractive. Though I still would have gone with the Snapdragon 410 process for the AT&T Desire 626. This is your entry level smartphone with the looks of a mid-range device.